World Exhibition Day

Exhibitions are the best marketing tool on a global scale, which allows you to work "eye to eye", encourages participants to continuous development, the introduction of new technologies, and quality improvement to maintain competitiveness.

Since 2020, the exhibition business has been under threat. But now it is confidently recovering and carry another important mission - the restoration of other sectors of the economy.

The main theme of GED 2022 is the importance of offline exhibitions and face-to-face networking at business events to create platforms for the growth and rapid recovery of all sectors of the economy, as well as forging new business connections.

Message from UFI 2022 President Monica Lee-Muller:

“The resilience of our industry to adversity is amazing. I must thank and acknowledge the foresight of our colleagues who established World Exhibition Day seven years ago. Every year, as we celebrate GED, we celebrate the tangible impact of trade shows on the global economy and their tangible value in bringing together people from different countries and cultures around the world. This year's World Exhibition Day, June 1st, will be the perfect occasion to bring us back into the spotlight."

Date of publication: 2022-06-01 09:58:00